A busy day - the new cards have arrived and look great.Himself and I bagged 200 this morning and deliveries will be made tomorrow. I will blip them at some point but not til they're up on the website and I havent had time to do that yet.
The small schools issue continues - my boss is exhausted as she seems to be spearheading the campaign - she had to go to a meeting in Dubin on Tuesday
( a massive drive there and back); has spent most of today answering phonecalls from other heads around the country; tomorrow more film crews are arriving in school (via Tipperary where there is a revolt going on about charges for septic tanks - another grievance in rural areas -) and tomorrow night there is going to be a large protest - the Taoiseach (PM) is coming for a dinner in Bantry and we have all been urged to go out and hold a peaceful (!) protest complete with banners - this is at 10 pm on a Friday night!!! Thousands are expected to turn up but so far the Government are standing firm.

Today's blip is the view home - cold, crisp and a glimmer of sun

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