All that is beautiful

By sharob


I asked Mr G for ideas for future pictures for my project and before he left this morning, he said 'Reflections' .. I oringally had Storm paint her hands and make handprints on a mirror, and took a picture of her handprints which were reflecting onto the floor .. but, the mirror, being quite thick, made the handprints look blurry through the camera lens even though I'd manually focused. So I borrowed Clara for all of the 2 minutes she allowed me.

I love her eyes, so much. My eyes are the darkest brown, Mr G's are green brown and hers, they're just like chocolate. Sometimes, I take a photo of her and her eyes jump out, it's like, they have this luminosity about them sometimes and it doesn't have to be any particular light ..

For the first time today, I played around properly with exposure control, the light meter wasn't liking my settings but I knew I had the colour the way I wanted it ...

Camera Mode A, WB Auto
THings I did - ISO-800, 55mm, f5.6, no flash, manual focus, meter mode centre weighted
Things camera did - 1/20
No post processing

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