Guinea Pig Zero

By gpzero

Wain Eyes

I spent several hours moving furniture and cleaning in my humble digs, and Max chipped in with his good supervisory skills. I intended to blip my re-conquered bedroom, or the flower bulbs behind the house that are sprouting in the dead of winter, but Max vetoed those motions.

I blip this shot of Max's startled, staring face to remember the artist Louis Wain (1860-1939). He was one of the great cat lovers of all time, and his pictures of cats had the effect of raising the popularity and social status of cats. Me gave them a face in mass Media.

Max could have posed as a model for some of Wain's paintings from early in the period when he suffered from schizophrenia. This clip shows some examples.

Aside from Max's wonderful eyes, I think this shot captures the pudgy cuteness of his cheeks very well.

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