What did I see today...?

By DaveR


Falling behind with Blipping a bit at the moment, a few late nights in a row and no time for anything but falling asleep once the day is done! Have photos for every day though, so it's just a case of getting some back-Blipping and then catching up on comments!

Wednesday broke crisp and clear following the epic victory at the pub the night before and grand plans unfolded as the birthday cinema trip took place in the evening. Bringing together all the NaNoers and rounders folk that it was possible to invite we descended upon CineWorld and through some absolutely immense use of our Unlimited cards and Orange Wednesday codes we got fourteen of us into the cinema for the price of... none!

The film we went to see was 'Chronicle', the latest "found footage" movie which, to use my summary, follows the exploits of three kids who find a mysterious object that grants them superpowers... and then one of them goes a bit General Zod. You do see all this in the trailer, but what's great is that you actually get a lot more from the movie beyond that - characterisation, a proper explanation behind the scenes you only see half of, even an extra second here or there that makes the scenes even better - there's a few twists that you don't see coming at all.

So all in all, the fourteen of us recommend you go see it!

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