Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Blue skies in Seattle

What a stellar day! Tookie and I met to go see the fabulous paintings of Artist Annie showing at a condo downtown - she had an opening one night when it was so snowy and icey we couldn't get there. Luscious colorful paintings of Venice.! Then we walked in the nearby Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Park before having lunch.
Many great views to blip - It was so gorgeous I just had to show the blue sky, Puget Sound and those Olympic mountains --and a bit of orange (Calder's "Eagle") to set off the blue! (also like the stripes...and the little sailboat between the eagle wings.....)

Thanks, Tookie, for coming over - what a fun time....we'll do that park another day after you retire and have more time!

Appreciated the hearts for yesterday's HDR attempt library!

Here is tookie (fotoflarewithclare) for the same day. (I don't know how to link so you get the latest entry.... :-)

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