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By EdwardFenner

Time to GO... All aboard!

Gord, the CSA (Customer Service Ambassador) on our commuter train (the GO train, as in Government of Ontario Transit) checks his watch at King City Station before closing the doors so we can head to the next stop, Aurora Station, where I get off. We should be buried in snow but it's all gone. Weirdest winter in my 47 years.

Gord's a fun guy and former high-school math teacher. We chat about old TV shows and cartoons (Star Trek, Laugh In, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Spiderman, etc,) new Sci-Fi TV like Big Bang Theory, make jokes, recite lines from movies and other silly things, look for ducks in ponds along the route, and pun a lot. I mean A LOT. Don't get him started on Disney. He'll talk your ear off. He's a BIG fan.

I've blipped Gord a few times before:

GO with Gord, my son...
GO with Gord, redux. And that's the truth, pthht! and my favourite:
Hotline to the Kremlin? To Batman?

Actually, Gord never says "All aboard!" I wish he would. He also needs a proper trainman's pocket watch.

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