All Around My Life

By TMLHereAndThere

You Know You're in New Zealand When.....

..You're driving round the countryside at 7pm with two Pavlovas in the boot of your car!

Kathy was holding her birthday party this evening for about 40 friends scattered around the district and had booked a caterer to do the food. However, a couple of days ago the woman called to say that she had a family emergency and would be unable to cater the party after all, so at the eleventh hour Kathy had to arrange to produce all the food. She began this morning by whizzing around the place in her car dropping off ingredients and asking people to put dishes together for her. She decided that she would have to prepare a large part of the menu herself and so we were very busy with salads, pork, lamb, chicken and.... two large Pavlovas, which Immy and I assembled and took along to the party venue, driving as smoothly but as fast as possible (as we were rather late) while trying not to damage the meringue, cream and strawberry confections too much in transit!

Earlier in the day, we had already been over to the party venue to decorate it, which involved among other things blowing up 50 orange balloons and making balloon animals. Now, in my blip yesterday, I mentioned Kathy's job as a monster tuck driver in a Kalgoorlie gold mine - what I didn't mention is that her other job, at weekends, is being a clown! In fact, she is just in the middle of taking an advanced clowning course. So, naturally she is a dab hand at making balloon animals.

In fact her clowning talents came in very handy this morning when poor Christina called us on Skype, very upset as she had just had her favourite jacket, with her purse in the pocket, stolen from the back of her chair in a London pub. She was really quite distraught at the loss of the jacket, which she had only bought at Christmas time with some gift vouchers that she received, and which was the warmest jacket she owned "and it was minus three degrees outside!"

Kathy happened to be blowing up balloons in the background and before we knew it, she had slipped into an impromptu clown performance (Polly the dog joined in with much barking and bouncing at the duck-quacker!) so we reduced Christina - and two of her flatmates! - to tears of laughter and she was a lot more cheery by the end!!

I've actually taken lots of blips today but, having just returned from the party I'm rather tired and don't have the energy to download them all from the camera and choose a suitable blip, so I've decided to go with this one (which I had already downloaded at lunchtime) showing Immy and Kathy clowning around for Christina on Skype. There are another couple of fun shots here.

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