David McEachan (31) / Oman / English Teacher & Lapsed Blipper

Former colleague, English-as-foreign-language teacher and proud owner of a potential 724-blip-sized gap since he last posted before buggering off to Oman in pursuit of the girl to whom he successfully proposed a few weeks ago is in town for his annual visit to experience (relatively) cold breezes, internet speeds in excess of 256kbps and to collect discsful of episodes of popular American Pacific island-based television mystery dramas which he is unable to purchase in or download to his current home. The protective transparent adhesive vinyl covering of the display of his mobile phone was also removed for him to his consternation. He was luckily willing to pose here for a photograph in the pleasant afternoon sunlight in the seats next to the window of the coffee house in which myself and TFP met he and another former escaped colleague this afternoon. He is faring well and spoke enthusiastically about his students and the adventures he has had with fellow road-users and pizza delivery persons in Oman. He is here for a week or more yet and hopefully we will meet him again prior to his again departing to the east for another year.


For Assignment 31 in homage and awe.

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