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Kingfisher Reblipped as uploaded wrong pic

Right went down to my normal spot while brakeing the ice for the kingfiser I noticed a dog run down the bank and on to the icey river watched then suddenly the ice the dog was on gave way. At this point I saw the owner and 2 other dogs a bit further up the river I shouted to him he rushed back but she was to far out to reach. I then dropped every thing apart from the large heavy branch i was breaking the ice with and ran down to the bridge and up the other side of the river gave the branch to the owner and told him to smash the ice in front of the dog so she could swim closer . Thankfully she got close enough to grab and pull out he said thanks and took her back to his car and home. I went back to clearing the ice for my kingfisher but found it hard to breath my own fault must stop smoking. After a while she turned up took my pic and came home so quite an eventful day.

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