This was the reward for being up in minus four degree weather for a run at 9am.

Lister Park in Bradford is one of the thousands of international venues that holds parkruns every Satuday at 9. It's an organised event run entirely from volunteers. A fabulous start to the day even though it did hurt to inhale as it was so bloody cold.

Since then have spent the afternoon at a story telling event at a local community cafe in Saltaire, such nice genuine people relaying urban myths and folklore tales. Was there with my mate Alan, when asked if we could think of any stories or jokes we were utterly and completely flummoxed: we don't have a clean, socially appropriate anecdote between us. A great relaxing two hours though and will definitely go again.

Then the snow started so, being the sensible chick that I am, I am off out into Leeds in stilletos to meet someone for dinnner

Yay! Saturday night and I get to go out.

I shall no doubt be updating twitter and facebook later with tales of being trapped in the snow but I have packed socks, wellies and a jumper and a flask in my bag just incase. Ok I may look like Shackleton when I walk into the restaurant but it's best to be prepared on nights like this!!

Have a grand one you all

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