By MicMark

Harpy Sex-ty Third

Here goes the first photo of our long long journey ahead :)

Today marks the 2nd month of our lovey dovey relationship. We prefer to call it "Happy 63rd" though. Trying to make it sound more momentous. Ha.

Just the day before 63rd, he came up with this silly idea of blipping our journey together, of us leaving footsteps everywhere. Side-tracking a little, he's actually in-charge of the write up, but I ended up doing today's one hahaha lazy boy.

Every 4th day of the month is when our period comes.... Just kiddin'
Though it's kinda similar LOL anyway just trying to say, so far both of the 4th we've been having family dinners. Yes.

But besides the family dinner, we had our favourite retail therapy! A successful one at that.


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