a town called E.

By Eej

Clearing Out ...

... sinuses
... cobwebs

We did a drive-by at the Ice Sculpture Festival which was ... well ... The Beloved said that last year some sculptures were vandalised and I said it was probably because people were so disappointed with them. It was like someone froze a block of ice in their home fridge and gave it to a random passer-by who just happened to have an ice-pick with 'm. We didn't even park the car. Sorry people of South Haven!

But it was lovely at the State Park.
I rooted my feet in the sand, leaned against a dune, felt the wind in my face and heard the lapping of the waves. I stood with my eyes closed and made a wish as the sun went under.

And this morning (there is no chronological order to this Blip) I sat outside and watched 4 squirrels and a little downy woodpecker hang out at the feeders. And one of the squirrels looked like the Squire. Really. Maybe he had to give up his territory (i.e. me and an endless supply of peanuts) to a younger squirrel?

What started out crap, with me waking up at 4 am from my own coughing, turned into a glorious day :)

Go BIG to see the guy with the metal detector who was kind enough to be walking right where I wanted him :)

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