One Crowded Hour

By GlassRoad

Mango beer

Broome is a beauiful little town in the tropics of Western Australia and home to a pearling industry which began with the knowledge and assistance of Japanese pearl divers. Initially harvesting oysters for mother of pearl in the 1880s it developed into a world renowned pearling industry.
Pearlmeat (not an oyster but the muscle meat) is also served in local restaurants and now, around the world. I have to say I found it tad insipid but is much sought after and again eye wateringly expensive!..and having googled recipes, 'insipid' may be very unkind!

Also home to the 22 kms of Cable Beach and camel rides at sunset, dinosaur footprints, staircase to the moon (a spectacular full moon rise over exposed mud flats), the very cool Pigrim Brothers and of course mangoes. These make there way out of the trees, and no doubt away from the hungry jaws of the fruit bat, into this very refreshing beer brewed in the tradition of a Belgium Blonde beer.
Reckon is would be a perfect...if rather unusual perhaps...marinade for chicken before bbq or even in a one pot chicken stew.

Oh and Broome is VERY famous for Broome time. It's a tropic thing, life moves much more slowly. Bring it on!!

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