Gifts of Grace

By grace

Foggy dew

Thick freezing fog, uncommon in these parts, was the view as I read a poem about fog here on Blip this morning. The washing, soaked by drizzle last night, hung damp and limp in the dead air.

I wasn't going to bother with a dull, monotone(oops)chrome blip. Later I was so high and happy after dancing my UZAZU moves in the pool that I took the camera out, just in case.

The clothes on the line were thick with diamond dew condensed from the sodden air. Closing in with the macro, I spotted a slight movement in the grey beyond, right out at the lowest edge of the tide-line. The furthest stretch of my zoom caught the figure of a young man, his tripod poised above a rock pool.

This was the better image but I think his madness, echoing my own, made me smile more. Was he a blipper? What DO we think we're doing? This is currently my idea of a good time!

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