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Snow by the Kent estuary, Storth, Cumbria

A remarkable "away day" today. Just one month after the previous visit nearby for the funeral service of a special friend, Dad and I were back in the area.

One reason was for the rather sad business of visiting the house of the friend (near Carnforth) to start on clearing the personal items.

The other reason was for a job interview at Sandside, very close to Storth where the picture was taken (just a quick handful of rushed snaps today). Arnside Knott is in the background. The office has fabulous views of the estuary, and today all the familiar Lake District fells were resplendent in snow. It was a great spot, but could take the attention away from getting work done. It remains to be seen what will develop from the interview.

A unique day of rather mixed events and emotions, and a long away day from Derbyshire. Thankful the travelling went well given the snow and fog around.

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