By tolu

You tell me its your innate ability
A product of Newtonion viscosity
Created by the tension of your surface layer
(Denoted, for some reason by the Greek letter, gamma)
That pulls your form into a spherical shape
(according to a Law by some guy called Laplace!)
And once you've formed, you perform neat tricks,
Complex contortions in the field of optics
Light refraction, upside-down image reflection
Mimicking a prism for rainbow formation...

But frankly, this complex biography won't do
Theres far too many formulae to misconstrue.
I favour a more romantic answer
For the exquisite beauty of droplets of water
Diamond pendants, or tiny mirror-spheres,
Held for a moment, like natures tears.
Transforming hedgerows and spiderweb spool
Into a showcase of glistening jewels
Until, (as is the sad fate of the fairest drop)
You bid farewell, with an unceremonious plop.

Thank you for your kind words on yesterday's blip. I really appreciate them.

image taken with canon IXUS 100 and edited on iPhone


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