It's the last day of introduction to landscape design module. We all went to the nursery to set up of our small Japanese garden. We have to carry loads of bamboo using a wheel barrel that was hard to control. Not to mention I have to maneuver the wheel barrel along the narrow pathway and up the slope. It killed my lower back. What enlighten me this morning was the reaction I got when my group mates and I got back our results. I gave little effort and got back average marks. They put in a lot of effort and got back the same result as mine but slightly higher. I guess I get a grade B for this module? Oh well, it's over and I'm glad.

Went to Dave house afterwards. Memories little bit and watched Batsu games afterwards. Laughs and laughs and laughs. Now that's life. Not studying the whole day and end up in zombie mode.
Knees suddenly went sore when I left Dave's house. Reached home and applied analgesic balm.
Wearing track pants at home feels good. Comfortableeee.

I wanna work in the navy. Watching the commercial made by them looks cool. But I know it's not. It's pure hard work. And I'm scare of water! I almost drown when I was a kid, nightmares!

I worry the little things. Ignore the big ones. No wayyy... #sigh

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