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This is probably not the time to say this but, what the hell, I'm going to say it anyway. I actually can't read Dickens. I find his novels long-winded and laborious, tedious and verbose. I've tried many, many times (I am a voracious reader so it's not that) but can never get very far in. It's not even that I don't like 'old' literature. I can read Austen and Thackery quite easily and enjoy them. It's just Dickens.

Then again, I LOVE dramatisations of his works. As a screen writer, he's second to none. His over long descriptions are perfect for the screen (big or small) and his characters never cease to delight and entertain. In fact, I'm rather fond of Martin Chuzzlewit and I did rather like the BBC's most recent Bleak House.

So, I guess, on this his 200th birthday, I'd like to celebrate it for what he has brought into our hearts via more modern technologies which I feel sure he would have utilised if he'd had them.

Then I looked everywhere for something to blip which referred to Dickens. The only thing I could find was his entry in my Chamber's Biographical Dictionary. So, in his honour and for his birthday, I read that then photographed the best bit.

PS: Whenever anyone says 'Charles Dickens' I'm reminded of this.

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