By soshanau

Photo 38 #366photos: Nowhereisland

7 February 2012

Look what turned up in the post today - I'm now an official Nowhereisland citizen!

Nowhereisland is a public art project conceived by artist Alex Hartley. Nowhereisland is a new island nation, imagined in the Arctic and is travelling south. It is a landscape on the move. Alex sailed a portion of this island territory into international waters, where it was declared a new island nation.

I came across this project through the current resident thinker, artist and psychogeographer, Keri Smith.

Nowhereisland is a way to reflect on Alex's original question - if we were to create a new nation, how might we begin? It's a chance to reflect on identity, belonging and what nationhood or what a citizen means.

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