Dashing Chap

I dashed out to take a snap of the moon - point - shoot. Damn. Missed it. It's off behind the pots. Too much rushing.
Still, I've been upskilling at work. Yesterday I became acquainted with WILO - yes indeed - a 'Week In the Life Of'. You look at your diary - the big immovables are rocks, then there's pebbles (things must be done but at a time of your choosing - to a point) and then sand. Unbelievably useful. Don't snort.
Tomorrow though, I've no time for that - I've to redraft a 'pack'. Yes, it's being presented to an audience an even higher level. The higher level would like the same information but presented through four 'lenses'. Perhaps I should quibble and question the value add of this activity. Still, beats working, eh?

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