seeking silence

Although I bear the Fringe cavalcade no particular ill will in and of itself providing it leaves me alone and doesn't prevent me from doing normal things like walking along or across any particular street I am usually permitted to walk along or across at any time I do dislike particular components of it, particularly the components which aren't particularly Fringey and more just annoying in a much more basic way. At about noon a few vans, lorries and other conveyances started passing my window with various degrees of festiveness being emitted from them. Most I allowed to pass unhindered but when an open-top double-decker purporting to be "Radio Lollipop" approached with some form of amplified shoutytwat bellowing inanities from the upper deck I was unable to prevent myself from intervening. I thought the whole point of radio was that one person spoke into a microphone and the sound was converted to a signal then transmitted through the air to the receiving entities via electromagnetic radiation rather than mere sound waves. In any case I thought they would pass too quickly to point this out to them and settled for leaning out of the window and merely advising them to SHUT UP. They were too loud for me to even hear myself at potentially throat-damaging volume but they must have seen me as booming mutterings of "sorry if we've woken anyone up" which sounded almost genuinely contrite wafted back as they were driven away. They didn't turn the volume down though.

Later I went up the hill where it was properly quiet and peaceful.

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