"Bare feet and daisy chains ....."

That's what it says, rather enigmatically, on this hand woven tapestry by Leila Thomson, Orkney tapestry artist. She was born at Hoxa Head on South Ronaldsay and still lives there with her husband and family. In 1996, when I was starting to go to Orkney regularly and into all things Orcadian, she opened her gallery, filled with amazing huge tapestries inspired by the rhythms of life and the wonderful Orkney landscape. This was one I managed to afford in the early days and I just love the forms and colour of this piece. Nowadays Leila works mainly to commission [with a 5 year waiting list] and is way out of my price range. Some gal!

Google Hoxa Tapestry Gallery to see more of Leila's work.

Angelo, our dedicated decorator, finally finished work last night at 7pm. We have been battling dust and paint smells again today, but made inroads and very pleased with the results. Hence the indoor blip today, no time for gallivanting and playing out.

In defence of my untiring loyal husband I should say that even though bored by yesterday's blip info, he has taken to carrying around a plastic bag which he produces for me to kneel on in order to get such blips. That's what I call being supportive:)

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