The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

B is for ... Bakers Row

Sometimes things thwart you, but you have fun along the way.

I took this picture from my arm chair in the Copa Bar, near the Hayes.

I like street names like this. They clearly have a history.

Was the building it is attached too an old bakery. It certainly has the turn of the century look to it; the red brickwork and arched windows (I know you can't see that from that photo).

I started to research the possibilities before this writing this blip, but came up blank. So we are left with where our minds can take us.

There is a Spillers and Bakers building in Cardiff docks, which was a wheat exporter, maybe there is a connection there.

I now know there was a stable yard in that street in 1898, and the buildings are Grade II listed. I also learnt the Golden Lion Inn once stood in the same spot I was drinking my pint of fine Spanish lager at the start of the 1900's.

Although this blip didn't turn out with the history lesson I hoped to give you, it was still fun finding a few things out about a simple street name people walk past ever day with no thought at at!

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