The fool on the hill

By mooncoin

Pass on through

I had to take a shot of my passport today to send of to a company called Procius who deal with background checks. I don't like it one bit. It's so symptomatic of a increasingly robotic management style throughout industry and commerce that would rather keep people on the other side of a computer and be distrustful and almost hostile towards them for good measure. Look at security guards' stance towards people with cameras for instance... And trackers in employees' cars.
Anyway, I apparently need this check because I visit hospitals during my working day.
Waste of bloody time.
If anyone is planning on some iniquitous activity in a hospital this is what you do: Put on some smartish clothes, polish your shoes, make yourself a name badge with a medical company logo, Carry a briefcase or some kind of folder and just smile at everyone. You'll have the run of the hospital - and no one will even mention CRB records.
This isn't my current passport - It's from when I was 15 and computers ran big reels of tape and we didn't have the Internet and we used to go out and talk to each other.
Oh and happy birthday mum.

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