horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Dickensian Heat Source

Mary tries to keep warm in the Sheep Heid.

Sort of a night off, though I basically had to try and fit all the Florence Nightingale tasks into the brief period before 8.30 when I was off to the pub for the weekly quiz. Mel was happy to get shot of me it would appear, after having had to put up with her dad and the plumber (come to do the final few things in the bathroom) during the afternoon, seems she was looking forward to a peaceful evening.

Apparently while here Mel's dad commented that bits of the house could do with a hoover. So I'm being vicariously slated for not doing enough around the house now. If I wasn't so tired I'd rise to the bait.

Half day tomorrow. Got to get back from work at 12.30 to take Mel for her next fracture clinic appointment at 1.25. Hectic, but do-able. Most annoying thing is I'd hoped for an hour or two of cycle-wildlife after the appointment before resuming the numerous domestic duties. But it would appear that 3pm tomorrow, right at the start of my window of opportunity, is forecast for the only heavy rain of the next 7 days.

It never rains but it pours. Literally.

Oh, almost forgot, this morning I got beeped at by Mr East Lothian Taxi 146 (SO55 PWL). Which was nice of him. Also nice to know East Lothian council teaches a good grasp of irony in its drivers.

I guess I was in the middle of the road lane heading away from the lights at Jock's Lodge...

Of course... He...

He was stopped in the ASL. Oh, and I had a cyclist on my left. Oh, and there was a car parked in the bus lane ahead. Although I can excuse him the last as he was too busy gesticulating at me as he passed to notice that car. Then moved left in front of me. Then noticed the car. Then swerved right and roared off at (trust me) a speed exceeding the posted maximum.

That was the end of that. I thought. Starting the climb up the Royal Mile I'm passed closely by, you guessed it, Mr East Lothian Taxis. Definite punishment pass. He roars off once more. Of course even with me getting caught at the first lights I pass him in the stationary queue set to cross the Bridges.

Cue punishment pass no.2 on the cobbles by the Court of Session. Can't be bothered with the games so I wait behind at the red light to cross George IV Bridge. And naturally stay behind him all the way down Johnston Terrace. Up Lady Lawson Street I'm not going to make the lights so let him go.

And then... Catch him again as Fountainbridge crosses Lothian Road (I tuck in behind, the lights turn green just as I reach him and pride comes before a fall. Turns out he's in the wrong lane anyway and needs to get left.

I didn't react at all (save to smile every time I caught him or he went past again) - does wonders for the blood pressure not to react. Although I did want him to say, "You shouldn't be in the middle of the road", to which the response would have been "You shouldn't have been in the ASL/driven without looking where you were going/broken the speed limit/passed too closely." 1 perfectly legal action versus 4 criminal actions... I'm the one in the wrong. Obviously.

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