Firstly a massive thank you for all the comments yesterday on my 100 blipday, I was overwhelmed by the number of people who had taken the trouble to leave a comment and was thrilled to make the 'Spotlight' page so thank you all, it just re-inforced my belief that blippers are wonderful people!!

A very busy day today. I've already done the Asda shop, checked out some more Prom dresses for Lucy and been to see my Mum. Rob has a school footie match and then normal football training and Lucy has a meeting about her next Duke of Edinburgh award and then swimming coaching. I have been stupid kind enough to agree to take the register and money at swimming club tonight so am going to treat myself to a Starbucks coffee for being such a numbskull gem :))

Just remembered that Gav's parents arrive home from 2 weeks in the sun tonight as well and need picking up from the airport. Grrrrr - me, jealous??? Snow is forecast again so I think Gav can do that :)

Friday again tomorrow and the start of half term - love having the kids at home but next week looks mighty busy as they've arranged so many things - oh well, no time to be bored!!!!

Take Care x

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