Mount Etna

We flew quite close to Sicily on the way home and according to our scientific calculation ("D'you think that's Etna?" "Yes, I do") this is Mount Etna doing that erupting thing (or at least the bit above it). It would certainly explain the very odd dark layer in the air - we flew through it and it gave everything a very weird red glow.

And maybe this makes me an unwitting superhero with special powers I don't know I have. I shall report back on that.

So back home to Wiesbaden and snow, don't you know. This morning we said cheerio to Malta and 25 C and flew into -4 C. How we laughed. Then we missed the first train to Wiesbaden (by about 30 seconds) and had to wait 15 minutes in -4 C for the next one. Absolutely freezing.

Still, it's great to be home. I really missed Moot. Like I always do.

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