Just the Withers......

By JaneW

Thursday night thingy.. SP....

with coffee,a chocolate eclair and in my favourite place.. BED.. hahhaha it's like a dream sequence :D
This was more hassle than I can explain... honestly ,I took 50 odd photos and almost all of them were out of focus,OR a cat jumped on me and because the camera was on a slow shutter speed it was all blurred and stupid.. and the eclair was getting smaller,and Lucy was sneaking in every few seconds... I had the camera on self timer to take 10 in a row .......... ohhh IT WAS A PAIN IN THE BUM !!! now see,I look simple and vacant .. NO.. HANG ON.. I always look like that..
So,Zoe and Jake and my mum were here today and at half past one we all fell asleep .... how cool is that...

My camp sites are now booked and deposits paid.... Cornwall in April and then Loch Lomond and Loch Morlich in July.. HOW EXCITED .. I cannot wait to get feral again.

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