A couple of weeks back I tried to come down here after work to take some photos, but crapped out of it as there was a noisy crowd of yoofs partaking of some pre-dinner cocktails under cover of dark. Tonight though, it was light enough to spend a good quarter of an hour chilling out watching the boats bob and the tide turn.

Found another sofa too (two two-seaters no less), and I'm sure it's been blipped before, but I couldn't see it tagged. It's tagged now. I'm claiming it as an addition to the others, and will get back to blip it when the light's better.

At lunch, as I sat eating my Bombay spiced potato and chip combo whilst half-plugged into Spotify I got increasingly distracted by a gaggle of 'ladies' nearby. Not sure they were quite aware how much I could hear what they were discussing, or they just didn't give a shit, but the amount of foul-mouthed, back-stabbing bitchiness that was being spouted was downright nasty. At one point I wandered off pretending I was taking a phone call to save my blushes over the rather explicit conversation and downright filthy giggling that was going on.

I'm telling you, you'd never get us guys talking like that. Oh no, no siree.

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