Be Careful Out There!

No it's not rampant vegetables I am warning all Britblippers about, it's that freezing fog which is fast drawing in. I went out a few moments ago to blip the rapidly forming ice on the wall (apparently Paul the Weatherman says it's an uncommon phenomena caused by supercooled rain) and my sleeve stuck to the wall! I'm glad we don't have to go out tomorrow, but if you do please take care.

Okay here are the answers to last night's riveting 'Identify the Defunct seeds' quiz (we live in the fast lane in this house!):
spring onions
french beans
And just in case you are housebound tomorrow, here's another allotment based quiz you can try your hand at - identifying the veggies we (well Tony!) will be planting as soon as the weather is more clement. I've given you Pea as a starter for 10. I can see you straining at the leash! There is a particularly fiendish one which fell down whilst I was blipping them in the kitchen studio.

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