The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

Tapestry harbour

We were feeling a bit flat after yesterday, so we headed out for an afternoon drive to Dysart. The harbour is amazing and so are the locals.

We I asked a young chap about how much a mooring costs?
After 10 minutes, we knew how much, the size of the waiting list, how much fun he has in his boat, what kind of fun, and how and where his son was concieved, that fact that he suggested calling him "Rowin" because the battery went flat and that's what they had to do, Row in. The final straw was when he told us about his mate who died....."Couldn't believe it, we were out on the p*ss and the next morning he woke up dead", he said.

I had to walk away, before I made myself look really bad.

I snoozed and painted and had a glass of red. The phone was a bit red hot, so only now have the chance to blip and the paint my hair.

One must look ones best for visiting in the arctic north, or Aberdeen as some people know it.

Keep cosey and safe out there.


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