a town called E.

By Eej


I think one of the reasons this year's bird feeding is so much more successful than other years is that I moved the feeders. Instead of having them close to the house (so I could watch the birdies from inside) they are now at the far corner of the yard, conveniently located under the ginormous tree. (As opposed to the smaller one next to the garage) Convenient for the birds, that is, and a good bit colder for me.
It doesn't matter when, like this afternoon, I find myself in such a flutter of activity I don't know where to point the camera. I also really like seeing chickadees. I like saying it too :)

In other news; I woke up from a strange and not unpleasant dream this morning where I went over to Mr.Smith's Billboard Boy to say 'nite nite' to it. It IS the gift that keeps on giving.

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