walking in the city

By inthecity

Air Mail*

Back from a wicked mini-vacation. Happy to visit the gym this morning after carbo-loading for days on pizza, various (really delicious) boil-in-the-bag Indian curries, sweet potatoes, chips, raisin cookies and pancakes. Now I've showered and dyed my hair and back blipped the weekend (starting from Saturday) if you want to check it out.

Lake Simcoe
Pit stop
Finch Station

Thanks, hope you're having a great week.

* Rainy today. I shot this close-up of an Air Mail stamp I picked up one time in a little shop in Neal's Yard. (mods suspended this shot, which I really liked) I don't know how I still have this silly thing; that must have been 15 years ago and I've moved countless times since then. Anyway, I'd bought it because the man in the photo looks exactly like my dear daddy-o (1932-1996).

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