The Untrained Eye

By untrainedeye

The Temple of the Moon,Peru

Obviously the Peruvians were not into National heritage in a big way but in 1990 they decided to clear the sand and debris away from the Temple of the Moon and discovered a building which is on 10 different levels and is structured like a Russian doll with a temple inside a temple, inside a temple .....
Each level, if you look carefully depicts different participants in the structure and use of this building. At the lowest level you will see prisoners herded by guards to possibly build and then be sacrificed.
The structure was started by the Mochica Indians over 2000 years ago, grabbed by the Incas over 500 years ago and discarded by the Spanish not long after. Then it was grave robbed by any one passing until the local authority realised what a fantastic memorial to the past they had on their patch.
Oh by the way you didn't have to be a prisoner to be sacrificed. You could volunteer!

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