All that is beautiful

By sharob


My poor Clara, she started school in September and bonded with a little Polish girl, Julia. They have been firm friends, they've both played at eachothers houses and Clara has slept over at hers .. Clara particularly loved watching Cbeebies in Polish!! Anyhow, I struck up a great friendship with Julias Mum, she has been telling me that recently she's been looking at moving as her husband works quite far away, they wanted to move closer to his place of work. I found out last Friday that they'd found somewhere, so today, was Clara and Julias last day together. I don't know who was more upset, me or Clara. I took a picture of them both this morning with the idea that I'll print it and post a copy to Julia and put the other picture on Clara's bedroom wall so they can remember eachother forever.

13, Camera Mode A, WB Auto
Things I did - ISO-200, f5.6, 35mm, no flash, focus, Things camera did - 1/160, meter mode pattern.
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