I am rosco

By iamrosco


A full week in Edinburgh, no traveling this time, none at all. Makes a change.

Kept on the Friday IT Caffeine meetup - now inter-workplace, but all the better for it I reckon. Mr M seems glad for the hour away from the office to sup coffee and chat about anything but bugs, testing and potential fixes (and more flaws). Undoubtedly, we end up covering a few of those too, but that's just the way of it. He might even be searching out a showing of The Artist this weekend after an about face since enquiring as to the plot and how it all works...you know, with no sound and that.

Even managed to finish up for the week at a reasonable time and go for a stroll with the X100 while waiting on L getting back into town. Through my thick earmuffs I heard the sound of a saxophone, and found this busker hanging out down King's Stables Road. A very nice surprise, so I hung around for a listen and a few shots - a bit tricky in the ever descending darkness, but he didn't mind at all (the clinking of some coins into his case didn't hurt the situation at all either).

How very civilised. Until I got to the other end of the tunnel, where I found a bustling line of kids - under the watchful eye and massive cameras of the polis' yoof akshun teem van - queueing all the way up the street to get into what I can only assume was an underage club night evening. If not, then security should really be checking a crapload more IDs.

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