By kamran

What to wear today?

A new day,
a new mask.


The Masks That You Wear

I see through the many masks that you wear,
You wear a certain face for a different time and place.
But the mask is always there,
I pity you for every time you speak you cannot hide,
When you speak I hear the cry of the child inside. You take God's word as if it were joke,
You take pleasure in other's sorrow by the teasing you provoke. You laughed while the child inside cried.
You tell the world of your inner turmoil when you speak
Cruelly to others with pride. Those who do not care will always be cruel,
When you take pleasure in other's sorrow take a real look at you.
Those who claim to be of God and bring harm to man,
Will have to begin all over again. You have fooled no one with the masks that you wear.
Yes, there are those who do still care, Those of us who have risen above,
Can only offer our love,

--- by Mary Collins

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