Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

The Spider and the Wattlebird

"Will you walk into my parlour?" said the spider wattlebird to the fly spider.... (with apologies to Mary Howitt)

This afternoon a wattlebird - not this one - was being noisy. It was letting out a loud repetitive aaaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaa ... and this adult was flying about the garden back and forth to the young one. I of course began snapping away, but squinting into the sun I couldn't really see what was going on until I got the photos onto my iPad. It appears juvey was hungry (and demanding) and parent was getting it food. I thought at first it was getting berries, but then realised it had spied a spider - and here you see it grabbing said arachnid.

Here you can see it tugging mightily to free the spider from its web - to which it was no doubt clinging with all its might. I almost blipped that pic, but liked the overall lines/curves in this one.

Click to enchompenate - straight from camera to you.

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