Nanchang 2012

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Star of Nanchang

Today I took a walk along the west bank of the river Gan, the main river which flows through Nanchang. The river Gan is very much a working waterway and provides many opportunities for anyone with a camera to get some great shots.
My favourite from today's walk though was this photo of the Star of Nanchang, taken from underneath Nanchang Bridge.
In 2006 the Star of Nanchang overtook the London Eye to become the world's tallest ferris wheel. At 160 metres tall, it is 25 metres taller than it's London cousin. The Star's reign lasted until 2008 when the Singapore Flyer took the crown with a height of 165 metres, pipping the Star of Nanchang by just 5 metres.
More photos from my stroll along the river can be found here

(by Andy Meek)

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