Girl in the Cafe

By gina2016

Chain of Hearts

Well, I may have started this heart theme a little early. I am trying to make it to Feb 14 but this is stretching me with our busy days . Thankful for the help of my creative assistants, my family and friends, with their input and sometimes bringing me props, much appreciated.

This image came early this morning for me, thankful for that too. It reminds me of the close knit feeling that surrounds us here in our humble home. I love Valentine's Day because it reminds me of this. Growing up I had loving parents and extended family but I always longed for a closeness that I saw in some other families. I always longed for a big family, which I now have, but also a closeness, which I am so thankful I also now have. A shared faith was the missing link. I know it will take effort to maintain this as my kids continue to grow and venture out, but I am looking forward to the days ahead and many more Valentine reminders.

Hope your weekend is really sweet.

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