By Bittersweet

Pretty as a JPEG.

I could not go to sleep last night, as I have finished the Accomplice (K.Heyman) at midnight and was haunted by the harrowing story, which is based on true events. It is beautifully written though.
Gorgeous day was it not?
Well, it still is.
Many snowy photos, but this one is my favourite today.
I feel in my element with all this cold weather, white stuff and ice.
Brodie had another skating session. We were laughing our heads off as she tried to chase sticks across the ice. She seems to love it though. She remembered from last time, the minute she realised where we were she ran towards the ice like mad, barking! Billy does not give a monkey about this.
I want to reassure you that the pondlet we take her to is extremely shallow and there is no danger of her drowning at all. It is the size of a backyard and only about 30cm deep.
The children made me go to the gym after lunch so I am feeling sanctimonious.
Afternoon will be spent on Triple town (another addiction?) with some beer, punctuated with the occasional shouting: I need more grass...whilst watching rugby.
Evening with more beer and Super 8. Happy days.

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