Life is a Minestrone !!

By bererunner

Bearded Old Man.........!!

I desperately want to get one of these guy's in flight..............I was wanting to enter a Heron in flight for the "Nature & Wildlife" group's January challenge, which was all about wings............I managed to enter shots of various Tit's and Seagulls, but not any of Herons.

I've caught an increasing number of glimpses of Heron's flying over the houses in our area. With the moat at Fort Brockhurst being pretty much all frozen over, i'm assuming they're now looking for ponds in peoples back garden where they may be able to get a meal.

There are however a few places around the moat that are clear of ice, where these pterodactyl look alikes can snatch a meal from the water.

I sat across the moat from this bugger for 2 hours this afternoon, he paddled, he ate, he walked up and down the embankment on his side of the moat, the only thing he didn't do was fly................I could have sworn i saw him on his mobile, telling his mates about this human with a camera trying to get a photograph of him flying, erm, "I Don't Think So"..........LOL.

Finally giving up on the "In Flight" shot, i settled for this shot of him impersonating a little bearded old man............

Bigger Pterodactyl............

I did tell him before leaving for home and a lovely cup of tea, that i will eventually got that ellusive shot.He told me to clear off and take your frozen ass with you.

Hope you're all well.


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