Richie Boo

By RichieBoo

Mansion House, York

Happy New Fz150! And I'm happy as an oink in mud!

Well today I picked up my new Lumix Fz150 and the above was taken in York on said camera - no tweaks!! (See it LARGE)

But the tweaked versions can be found here and here!

It's been a great day, totally enjoyed being at York, on the way in captured this little fellow, I do seem to attract wee pooches wearing coats, when I retire I will get myself a wee highland westie :-)

On Wednesday I was diagnosed with Primary Raynaud's Phenomenon so if there are any blippers out there who also suffer with this - any advice would be greatly appreciated :-)

On Thursday I got confirmation that my University photography course starts on the 21st Feb. Really looking forward to that?.! :-))

On Friday I got confirmation that I have been accepted into the Great North Run that takes places this September :-))

So all in all an informative week?. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend - Happy Blipping Blippers!

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