Punk Rock Zoologist

By CaptVickHartnel


Here it is. The Holy Grail of Costa Rica, the three toed sloth. I can't include the scientific name at the moment as I'm using the WiFi in a bar and have had a couple of drinks, but here it is all the same. This little mamma was spotted just coming down a tree for her weekly poo near the carpark at our Eco-lodge, Almonds and Corals. It's a beautiful, totally environmentally friendly and very comfortable lodge in Manzanillo, Limón province. Sloths really do live up to their name, moving very little thanks to their slow metabolism, due to a diet of mainly leaves. The only time you'll ever really see one move is either when it's a male out looking for a mate or, like this one, when they come down to ground level for their weekly poo. We were really lucky with this one, as not only did we get to see her up very close, but she also had a little baby clinging to her chest. So cute.

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