Just the Withers......

By JaneW

Cream egg Splat.......

One of Lucy's clay mates..... and half a cream egg splat.. I had to eat the other half and the rest of the bag to get this shot.
So yesterdays tribute and evil kind words from the OTHER JAYNE.. caused a small amount of confusion... not with all of you,just the odd one...
Jayne is married to Nigel,he took the photo.. I am JANE.. I have no Y in my name.. mine is the royal spelling,her's is a new fangled modern version..on her birth certificate she is actaually JANE.. but she went into a decline when she found this out so we don't ever mention it... until today ... but anyway we are like the two Ronnies... but the Jane/Jayne -ies.... and she could have written some horrific tales of the scrapes I have led her into.. and to be fair I have gotten her into some very very tricky situations ... :D hahahahhahahaha.
Can I just clarify the fight in the hotel ( a fair few other blippers were present,but it was the days before anyone had heard of blip) was Myself,bubbly (Marty Feldmans love child) and Jayne.... and it involved a coach party of Pensioners from South London,a glass door and some muesli.

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