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By clickychick

A Day Of Roses

The business was all set for being present at two wedding shows today, I thought Jennie was at The Lodore Falls Hotel today and I bought a bunch of white roses and put some in a champagne glass ready to adorn my stand at The Stoneybeck Inn. When I arrived in the car park I was surprised to see the doors were closed and no other vehicles were arriving. I got out my letter. The 19th! That'll be next weekend, then!

Back at home I realised the Lodore event is next weekend as well, oh dear! Diary malfunction, Jennie calls it! Blame the diary, please!

The blip is of quite a different white rose. I fear one of sadness. I set out early (in my new boots) and gave myself time before my show to get some misty shots of the lake but when I got onto the shore I found five perfect white roses floating at the waters edge, not a bouquet thrown by a bride leaving her wedding, but single, long-stalked roses from a florist. Unlike yesterday's water, this is real, no Flood filter messing with what is going on here.

I wondered who had been here recently. Who, like me, was here with white roses in the car. I wondered who they might be thinking of as they flung the beautiful blooms into the lake.

I hope, magically, sharing the sight and thought of it, can somehow share the sorrow and make it just that little bit less. I'm thinking, too, of the friends and family of Whitney Houston, a tragic loss.

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