Fun in the Fens

By Jimbofin

The Old Mill Race

Having walked the dogs this morning I sneaked off without them to The Plantation and the ruins of the old silk mill. Walking one dog is relaxing, walking two is fun, but four at once is a bit of a headache and there are lots of places here where a little dog could get lost .

The light was rather dull, but I hadn't been down some of the paths for a while and over a while the views can change quite a lot, so I wanted to do some reconnaissance work to find compositions to come back to when the light was better.

There were several silk mills on this stretch of the River Avon, many if not all of them employing children. The ruins of this one are still visible but nature is in the ascendancy. It it is the sort of place where the ice lingers longest, and where you wouldn't want to linger yourself on a Winter's evening if you have any sort of imagination.

After his recent death I had vague thoughts of attempting a bit of a Simon Marsden look, but I bottled out.

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