Mrok's photo of the day

By Mrok

Kermit the frog

Today started our day early with Mr.M as soon as possible as the lifts opened up we were already waiting to get the first tracks. During the night it had snowed fresh powder few centimeters so it was really nice to be the first at the groomers :)

After some runs deiced to check few lines under the old chairlift at the resort backside before it was our time to meet Mrs's and the kids at the children slopes. Today after some runs it was time to take our son U to the top with the chairlift as he has learned quite a bit this season. However he had kids ski harnesses on and I had the strings. Few occasions had to act as a anchor as he got carried away with the speed etc but overall very pleased for his efforts. Too bad Mrs.Mrok had the camera and instead of smile at his face you can only see mine (taken by Mrs.Mrok).

Still - according U the best day of his life as he was able to go to the big lift and to the top. Way to go U!

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