Revenge of the Blue Meanies

So the b*st*rds that are known as the Blue Meanies pounced on my car this morning. I usually park outside my flat and go to work before 8am, however, this morning I was was going to the doctors and forgot that the parking restrictions kicked in at 8am.

I ran down the stairs at 9:20 hoping I hadn't got a ticket to find I hadn't got A ticket, the dregs of society had actually left THREE tickets on my car! One, it would appear was spoiled by them writing the wrong code so doesn't count, the other two though are to get me for two offences, one just before 9:15 for parking in a No Parking Area and one just after 9:15 for parking in a No Loading Area!!

I can accept one ticket for my stupidness, but not two! I hope the parking warden number 1283 who gave me these tickets has had the worst weekend ever and is currently suffering the most painful of deaths in history.

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