secret garden

By freespiral

Close encounters ...

Just back from the airport - son number 1 has arrived for a few days - a rather eventful journey; first the train he was catching to Birmingham was cancelled at the last moment, he didnt have enough time to return home to get his car so took a taxi - £65, then he arrived at the airport and found he'd left his passport behind, he got out his driving licence- expired - he offered his gym membership which was accepted in England though customs were not happy in Ireland. He's now lying on the sofa with a cat on him.

What a very pleasant evening last night with Mr Earthdreamery and Travellersjoy - the final menu was spinach, parsley and local cheese flan with roasties and purple sprouting (all veg from the garden) followed by fresh fruit salad, creme fraiche and jam tarts. The talk was mighty - blip, quantum physics, blip, auras, blip, cats, blip, extreme cycling, blip, museums, blip, books ... oh, and blip!

Spoiled for choice for a blip today - glorious weather, and we worked outside all day - but this strange sky caught my eye this evening. I don't know what's going on on the horizon - it wasn't the sun, or the moon, but there were odd chunks of colour, a deep blue sky and silver sea. I almost to see something large emerging from the clouds and hovering. Worth biggifying.

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